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Talent Concept: Everyone Can Become Excellent, Everyone Has a Stage
Human resource is the first resource of company, and the future competition of companies will be the competition of talents. Our company trains talents with cause, emotion, treatment and culture, fully respects the dominant position of employees, believes that each employee can become a useful person of company through the effort, provides a development space for each employee, and believes that each employee can have his life stage through unremitting effort.
Talent Mechanism: Achievement at Work, No Post without Achievement 
Achievement at Work, No Post without Achievement; Attract People by Development, Condense People by Cause, Train People by Work, Retain People by Treatment, Move People by Care, Assess People by Achievement; Encourage Talent to Do Cause, Support Talent to Achieve Cause, Motivate Talent to Achieve Large Cause.
Talent Evaluation: Select the Best, Promote Capable People, Dismiss Mediocre People
As for employment system, the company insists on the principle of “Open, Fair, Competition, Preferential” and “Promote Capable People, Resign Ordinary People, Dismiss Mediocre People” to let appropriate people do right things in appropriate position.
Talent Training: Practice Makes Perfect
Center on the strategic plan of “Construct First-Rate Grid, Serve Terminal Users”, aim at “staff ability improvement, quality cultivation”, broaden training thinking, enrich training content, innovate training method, strengthen training management, try to improve training quality and effect, continuously improve comprehensive quality and competence of the staff, and provide powerful human resource guarantee for the company.