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  Liaoning province power transmission and transformation construction co., LTD., after recent years of rapid development, not only in traditional China, a great change, the distribution direction development, especially in the field of photovoltaic, wind power and other green energy had great progress, in the early period of the transition to new energy development, design, construction of EPC and integrated service providers in later operations. Company technical force is abundant, has the power engineering construction general contracting 2 class aptitude, guangdong (repair, test) general contracting secondary qualification.
  Liaoning Power Transmission & Transformation Engineering Construction Co., Ltd. is an independent subsidiary based on Yanbian Power Installation Co., Ltd. Founded in 1979 and separated in 2011, Liaoning Power Transmission and Distribution Engineering Construction Co., Ltd. is a professional company engaged in power engineering construction, and has a registered The company is a modern enterprise providing 220kV and below power transformation, transmission and distribution, engineering design and construction and other system services. Concentrating on grid construction, the company has third-grade qualifications on general contracting of power engineering construction, on general contracting of house building construction, on general contracting of electromechanical equipment installation engineering and on general contracting of contracting (repair, examination). Our general contracting engineering supports the following three companies:
  network enterprises of State Grid and National Development and Reform Commission, and were rated as “First-tier Supplier of State Grid” by Liaoning Power Supply Co., Ltd. in 2010 and 2011.
  In the concept of “Construct First-rate Grid, Serve Terminal Users”, the company obtains the approval and praise of users. Since its separation, the company has undertaken over 20 power projects, including capacity expansion reformation project of Puhe Mine Substation of Shenyang Coal Group, Benxi Huanren 66kV Substation and 66kV Circuit New Project, Dandong Fenghuangshan Cement Plant 66kV Circuit and 66kV Substation New Project. All these projects have nationally standard quality and 100 percent of pass.
  As an electric power construction enterprise facing the society, the company always provides one-stop service of project power utilization agent and project construction for domestic power consumers in the business concept of “Advanced Technology, High-quality Project, Good Service” and strives to build a brilliant enterprise in the industry of nationwide power grid construction.
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