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Liaoning power transmission and Transformation Engineering Co., Ltd. regards quality as the life of an enterprise, and regards quality as the foundation for the survival and development of an enterprise. Customer focus, customer as the company's quality management system establishment and operation of the focus, sincere service for customers, to make engineering design, procurement and construction to meet customer and regulatory requirements, do a project, set up a monument, the company built a first-class engineering company.
The company has established the quality management system strictly according to the ISO9001 standard, passed the third party qualification authentication, and perfected the quality management system document.
The company always adhere to the customer as the focus, customers would like to think, urgent customer needs, to identify and meet the needs of customers, and constantly improve the quality management system, continuous improvement of quality management, and strive to improve the service level and the project quality, project completion acceptance and the success rate of contract compliance rate has been maintained at 100%.
Quality policy: quality oriented, continuous improvement, first-class engineering, sincere service.
The general manager promises to establish and implement a quality management system with a focus on customer focus and continually improve its effectiveness.
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